Almost Home

Deployment is almost over. You know you’re close when they hand out the customs forms to claim everything you bought. It’s almost hard to keep focus on the job, but you have to in order to get home. It has been a long half year. We’ve done a lot. We’ve been to a lot of places. We’re coming home with a lot of new experiences and memories. I can’t wait to get home.

Pretty soon, I’ll be back in Hawaii where I plan to sit on a beach for a while. Our last stop was in Saipan (a tiny island north of Guam in the Marianas Islands) and it was great to go to a beach and just play some volleyball. It is totally true that sometimes, you miss the simple things. I can’t wait to get home and enjoy the simple things like they’re all brand new. Believe me, after six months of travelling, things will be all brand new again.

See you very soon.


About showiedoit

Not a hipster living among hipsters in the great PDX
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