Our first port call was Yokosuka, Japan. That was pretty awesome. I lived there many years again and it was great to see what had changed and what had stayed the same since the 20+ years again that I lived there. My mom lives there now and it was also an opportunity for us to reconnect and even celebrate our birthdays, which we weren’t together for.

IMG 2719

Harvey lit the candles and gave us a very Marilyn Monroe-esque rendition of Happy Birthday that I really wish I had recorded. Very silly. Very necessary.

After about a month away from home, I’m making my second port call in Guam. It’s just as hot and humid as it was last year. As familiar as this port is to me, it is far from my favorite. It’s hard to get around and the heat takes away the motivation to walk anywhere.

The time is passing slowly this deployment, but it helps knowing that this will be my last one. I can rest knowing that I have a whole new life ahead post-navy. Until then, I’ll have to make my way through this one.

I’ll try to keep this a bit more up-to-date than I have in the past. I get the feeling that I may not be able to communicate much once we leave here. Who knows where we’re headed next? Only time will tell.


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