A Little Liberty


A little liberty goes a long way. During this EastPac, we spent some time at sea doing exercises, then got to pull into my home town, San Diego.

Just like I remember, it’s beautiful. The city’s great, the people are inviting and there’s a ton to do if you have the time. I just wanted to get into port and relax and there was plenty of that too.

This was a namesake visit (the LA JOLLA visiting La Jolla), so we had some community relation stuff to do. I had the opportunity to visit La Jolla High School. We talked to the kids about submarines and our lives on them. They really appreciated it. They actually all stood up, clapped and cheered as we were leaving the school. Who would have known we were appreciated so much, especially by high schoolers? That was certainly a highlight of trip as well as the recommendation to try the Lucha Libre Taco Shop (twitter:@luchalibretaco). Best filling meal of the trip.

Now it’s time to head home again. I need some Hawaii beach time. There’s just no place like home.


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Not a hipster living among hipsters in the great PDX
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