In for a Minute

I finally made it back home. It turns out the navy didn’t need as many of us at sea, so I flew home from Guam. It was a seven hour flight that actually arrived 12 hours before it departed. Time travel across the International Date Line is amazing, huh?

I met up and surprised Kira. She had a suspicion I was heading home early, but she wasn’t sure until I actually showed up. It was a good night with friends and it was totally worth it to come home early, even if I do have to head back in a couple days.

My first deployment wasn’t all it was meant to be, but at least I made it. This was by far my longest stint at sea and I would love my six months back. Pictures are on the way. While I’m in port, feel free to call and say hello. I missed you all.


About showiedoit

Not a hipster living among hipsters in the great PDX
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