Benefits of Time Ashore

With the Denver Bronco cheerleaders in Guam

One good thing about being in port is the air.  Another the weather.  The benefit that takes the cake:  cheerleaders.  For the Super Bowl, we had a handful of Denver Bronco cheerleaders who had nothing better to do but come and visit us out in Guam.  I guess that’s kind of a cool benefit of being on a submarine.  People want to come see what you do where you do it.  I guess that makes my job just a little bit awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I think it’s totally incredible what’s happening in Egypt.  People are demanding that their government give them the opportunity to have a better future.  They’re not wishing ill will on anyone, they just want a collective bump to their society.  Their demands are for education, a better handling of their economy and standard of living.  I think as Americans, we lose sight of these rights because we enjoy these more readily than other countries of the world.  I wish I had cable to see where this all ends up.  I’ll just have to keep watching to see how this story will unfold.


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1 Response to Benefits of Time Ashore

  1. martha says:

    looks like you are not having such a bad time!

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