The Big Day is Here

This is day I’ve been waiting for. This is the day I’ll start my first deployment. We’ve done lots to prepare for this and I can only hope it all pays off. The training, the troubleshooting, the lost sleep all come down to this.

I have to admit, I have some jitters about the whole thing. It doesn’t mean it won’t be a good time. I’m sure I won’t have those jitters when we get to our first liberty port and are blowing off some steam in the fresh air.

I don’t want to leave Hawaii. I mean, it’s gorgeous here. I don’t want to leave my friends either. At least I know I’ll be back. I’m sorry if I didn’t get to say goodbye. I tried, but time was short. We’ll catch up when I get back this summer.

If you want to catch me underway, here’s my e-mail address:

Have a good spring and I’ll see you this summer.


About showiedoit

Not a hipster living among hipsters in the great PDX
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2 Responses to The Big Day is Here

  1. martha says:

    hey I tried to email this address and it was returned. Good luck out there!

  2. Kira says:

    The e-mail got sent back for me too… 😦 Have a good time and be safe. Good Luck! When you get back you should visit NY… we miss you!

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